Restoring your energy balance

To help you in the best way, I work with the method of eclectic coaching and counseling with a view to mindfulness and awareness.  Since each person is unique and has their own needs and limitations, this method of coaching and counseling is very effective.  Eclectic literally means: choosing the best method and tailored to the persons need.

Together we look at the method that suits you best. From my own experience, I know that there is no ready-made answer to help you in your situation. Every day there is a different challenge that you have to overcome and I understand that very well. In my practice you are not a client but a person who has shared similar experience.

I believe and therefore anything is possible

After a free Consultation and if we would like to work together, we start the process.
In 8 steps I will challenge, confront and teach you new skills to bring your energy back into balance.

Step 1: Becoming aware of the current situation.

  • Awareness of your thoughts and feelings (negative)
  • Awareness of your daily patterns such as eating, exercise, sleep
  • Becoming aware of your needs and limitations.
  • Identifying a goal that you want to achieve with this process.

Step 2: Acceptance of the diagnosis.  
This starts with the 4 steps of grieving

  • Identifying in which phase you are stuck and losing your energy.
  • face your life reality
  • Providing a safe space to express your feelings such as frustration, anger and sadness
  • Being able to express al this feeling and finally give it a place and have peace with it.

Step 3:  recognize negative and destructive thoughts and feelings and convert them into neutral or positive thoughts and feelings

  • Becoming aware of thought patterns.
  • Recognizing your survival mechanism order to function.
  • Becoming aware of the feelings that make you feel like being a victim.
  • Working together to let go of your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and use that in your daily life.

Step 4: Learn to recognize your own boundaries and implement them

  • Becoming aware and discovering where your limits lie in your daily life.
  • Learning to recognize physical and emotional signals that your body gives off concerning your limits.

Step 5: Apply what you have learned in the last four steps and implement in your daily life.
Depending on your family situation and your relationship with each other, you notice that some steps can be implanted very easily and effortlessly in your daily life, but there are always steps that get resistance from your environment or from yourself. We investigate this together and find a way to achieve it.                    

Step 6: Change your mindset: a positive mindset is a process.

  • Awareness and acceptance and learning skills is not enough to restore your energy balance. You have to consciously choose to have a positive mindset every day.
  • Staying positive despite your daily physical limitations, pain, anxiety, frustration and energy deficit.
  • Learning to be in charge of your thoughts and choosing every day to say “it is what it is” and trying to stay positive.
  • Learning that you can also choose to set aside a negative thought and not lose yourself in them.

Step 7: The opportunity to bring a loved one who plays an important role in your daily life to our sessions.

  • In order to successfully complete this process, it is of great importance that someone close to you also knows what is going on with you and can support you in this journey.
  • Learn to communicate with your guest and dare to express your needs.
  • Choose three important points in your daily life that you need help from your guest.
  • Learn to communicate how and when you need support.

Step 8: Evaluation of the steps taken and the result achieved.

  • You are conscious and you have learned where you lose most of your energy.
  • You are conscious and you have learned how and in what way you can recharge energy.
  • You have learned how to devide your energy throughout the day.
  • Je have experienced a complete metamorphosis and learned a lot and you will make your new start with more energy and healthy balance.


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