Services and rates

Services and Rates

A coaching and/or counseling process starts with a free and non-binding introductory meeting of 30-45 minutes. Also possible via Video calling.

If it clicks from both sides and we decide to continue the process, I will make an estimate of the number of sessions based on your request for help. An average trajectory consists of 8 to 10 sessions of one hour (every two weeks) and takes place in my practice. That is of course partly dependent on your own commitment and motivation. I recommend to achieve optimal results to take a package of 8 sessions worth 1025 euros. You can pay this amount in one or three installments of €345 each. There is also a possibility to take individual sessions for 99 euros.


Consultation on location

Do you prefer a different location? That is possible. There will then be a reimbursement of the travel costs and travel time. 

Video consultation

There is also a possibility for people who do not have the opportunity to come to my practice to schedule a consultation throught Video calling.

Initial consultation/introductory meeting:

Free (30 min)

Package of 8 sessions

€1025 in one payment or 3 terms of €345 each (60 min)

Individual Consultation

€99 (60 min)


Excluding travel costs

Prices include VAT

Let it hurt.
Let it bleed.
Let it heal.
And let it go.


For those who would like to follow the program but are not able to pay for it themselves, there is a possibility to apply for a PGB from the central government.  Care and guidance can be financed from the PGB origination.

 Coaching, Counseling and Mindfulness fall under ‘guidance’. Read more about this on

Deduction from medical expenses income taxi

If the costs for coaching and counseling are not reimbursed, these can be entered as medical expenses in the income tax return. The costs must be above the threshold of medical expenses. This threshold depends on income. Above 1.65% of the income, the medical expenses are deductible. 

Freelancers and entrepreneurs

All invoices for Stress Reduction and Mindfulness can be submitted as operating costs.

Reschedule or cancel appointment

You can cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the session. This can be done by telephone: 06 36149996 or by e-mail:

With cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, 50 euros will be charged.

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